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Contact Fly High at (843) 804-3938 or email for bulk studio equipment purchases. 

Want to fly with us at home? At-home bungee kits sold below!


Book your private group for your next party, bachelorette party, Girls Night Out or team building event!

Want to fly high with a group of your closest friends/family? These sessions are offered certain days and times and can accommodate up to 16 people, that fall in line with our restrictions.

Whether you are bringing 2 people or up to 8 people, the price of $200 remains the same. We can hold up to 16 people in a class. If you would like to have over 8 people an additional $22 per person is charged.

Please note, private bungee classes work the same way as level 1 classes. We want you to have fun, but it will be a workout! We have rules and guidelines that we must follow to keep everyone safe! Please read our FAQ page on what to wear! Be prepared to sweat but have the most fun ever!

Charcuterie boards and Prosecco can be provided for an additional fee to extend the fun after the class. In order to abide by our insurance policy we are not allowed to let you bring your own alcohol.

(Can only be shipped in the contiguous United States.)


Our Next Level Bungee Fitness Equipment is proprietary to Fly High and created specifically for Bungee Fitness. 

Our bungee cords offer double stretch for higher flight. They are made of rubber and tested for higher resistance, ideal stretch, and durability. Not all bungee cords are the same! For a weight limit of 90-250lbs we have a 13 bungee cord combination.

Made from military grade materials.

Material is sourced and manufactured in the USA for maximum quality, consistency, and faster lead time.  Lead time is typically 3-4 weeks. 

Harnesses: We were tired of hearing our customers complain about the harness we were using so we decided it was time for a better harness on the market!  We took all areas of discomfort and fixed it! We even tackled the rib cage issue that other harnesses can cause.  Plus, no more body shaming by putting larger clients in a different colored, brighter harness.  Get ready for the most comfortable harness on the market! Your clients will thank you! 

 -carefully designed with client in

-contoured to the body

-maximum comfort

-extra padding in all areas of

-Industrial Grade Materials

-Manufactured in the USA

Lead time on harnesses is typically 4-6 weeks.

Hair Protector: Tired of your hair getting pulled out and caught in the bungees and hardware?  We fixed that too! Now offering a hair protector that does not cause friction on the bungees.  Easy release for changing bungees between clients.